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The Movement : CD

Image of The Movement : CD


***If you would like this item signed at no extra charge, please email once purchased!***

The brand NEW 8 Track CD from Unsigned UK Thrashers SEREGON

Dubbed by vocalist James Moore as ‘The Chinese Democracy of the UK Thrash World… but worth the wait!’ , POWERPLAY MAGAZINE rated it 8/10 and BRUTALISM.COM rated it 5/5 and said "This is the best you're going to get from 2013. The absolute best. No upcoming metal releases will be able to touch this album because simply put, it's fan-fucking-tastic"

Available either as a LIMITED EDITION Laser Engraved and numbered 1/50 copy or a normal version, don't delay... stocks are already limited!

Track Listing:

1. Intro 00:54
2. Sycophant 03:57
3. Welcome to Rapture 04:59
4. The Movement 02:15
5. Hallowed are The Ori 04:29
6. Day of The River 00:55
7. Policed Brutality 05:50
8. The Infestation Fixation 05:34

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